V-Spark Online Help

Appliance-based Transcription

For appliance-based transcription, configure the following settings.

  • Servers: This field, shown on the first page of the Create New Company dialog shown in Create or Modify a Company, enables you to enter the name(s) of the server(s) that can be selected during the folder creation process. Enter the name(s) of the company's server(s) here.

    If you are entering the names of multiple machines, separate the machine names with semicolon (";") delimiters. For example, if there were two V‑Spark appliances named product-demo and asrsrvr1, the correct entry is “product-demo;asrsrvr1”. If the servers are not found in the local area network, you will not be able to select models.

  • Models: On the second page of the Create New Company dialog, you can select the different language models that are available when creating new folders using the Models drop-down menu:



    To set up folders within the company, you must select at least one model in the Models drop-down menu.


    The models listed in the preceding example are shown for example purposes only. The list of models licensed for the current company may be different. For more information about language models, refer to Voci's language model documentation.