V-Spark Online Help

ASR Processing Status

The ASR Processing Status shows the status of files as they move through the following stages:

  • Queued: The number of requests waiting to be transcribed.

  • Converting: The number of files being converted to the format required for transcribing.

  • Transcribing: The number of files being transcribed.

  • Analyzing: The number of files that are being analyzed.

  • Analysis error: The number of files that were processed by the ASR engine, but which could not be ingested properly by the Analysis engine.


    If the Analysis error column displays a value other than zero, hover the pointer over the Analysis error value to see the time and date of the most recent update to this column. If you see this number increasing, contact your System Administrator for assistance.

  • Last completion: Displays the last time files were analyzed by V‑Spark for this folder.

Hovering over the values for each column displays the datetime of the last update. Analysis error will only have a datetime if the count is greater than zero.