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Call Volume

Figure 1. Call Volume
Call Volume

Call Statistics shows the stats over the last month across several metrics related to call volume. These include:

  • Call volume

  • Avg. call duration

  • Avg. calls per agent

  • Avg. agent talk time

  • Avg. client talk time

  • percentage of Positive agent emotion

  • percentage of Positive client emotion

The default view displays information for the following time periods: Today, Yesterday, 7 day avg., and last month. For the last month average, the date range is displayed. If a specific calendar month is selected, then selected month and year are displayed.

Clicking a different point on the graph changes Today to the date selected, and Yesterday changes to Previous Day.

7 day average is calculated based on the last 7 days, including the selected date. Month average is calculated to include all days in the selected date range.

Figure 2. Default view after selecting a month
Default view after selecting a month

After selecting a month via the date picker, only the month’s average will be populated in the default view as seen above. The rest of the statistics will be populated when a date is selected by clicking a data point on the graph.