V-Spark Online Help

Company and Organization Management

Companies are the highest-level administrative group in V‑Spark. Companies contain organizations, which are separate logical groups within a company.

To create or modify a company or organization, log into V‑Spark, and navigate to the Settings page by using the Main Menu. Then use the breadcrumb menu to select the company and organization you want to view. The following example shows the Dashboard Menu and how to navigate it:



Main menu


Breadcrumb menu



If you are a system administrator or a user with company- or organization-level Create/Edit permissions, you will see the Accounts section in the Submenu. There you can view or modify companies, organizations, and user accounts.

The next few sections explain how to create, view, modify, and delete a Company (if you are a system administrator) or Organization (if you have Create/Edit company-level permissions for its parent company). For information on User accounts and permissions, see User Account Management.