V-Spark Online Help

Configure ASR Options

Use the ASR options dialog screen to pass additional request parameters to the ASR engine that V‑Spark uses for transcription. The options that may be specified here depend on the license and configuration of the ASR sources enabled for the folder. Parameters are represented as key-value pairs, such as the numtrans:false option in the following example:


The following is a general workflow for adding ASR tags to V‑Spark folders:

  1. Enter the key for the ASR parameter to be included with transcription requests.

  2. Enter the value. The value for ASR option keys may be a literal JSON string or a redirect to a file on the V‑Spark host system. To redirect to a file, enter < and the directory path.

  3. Click fa-plus.svg Add to add the key-value pair to the ASR options viewer. Pairs that are not displayed here are not saved when the folder is created or updated.

  4. Click Create or Update.

ASR Option Documentation

Refer to the following topics for more information about parameters used with V‑Blaze and V‑Cloud ASR, and for examples of configuring specific ASR options for V‑Spark folders: