V-Spark Online Help

Configuring Custom Metadata Fields

When you create or edit an existing folder, you can configure custom metadata fields for that folder as shown in the following example of the Update Metadata field names screen:


To add custom metadata fields to a folder:

  1. Click fa-gear.svg Settings > Folders. A list of all monitored folders displays.

  2. To update an existing folder, click the fa-pencil-square.svg Edit icon on the row with the folder you want to edit. To create a new folder, click the fa-plus.svg Add icon.

  3. On the second page of Create/Edit Folder window, enable Add/remove custom metadata fields and click Next to display the Update Metadata field names dialog.

  4. To add a metadata field name, type it into the Enter metadata field name field and click the fa-plus.svg Add button or press enter.

    To upload a file with multiple field names, click the fa-upload.svg Upload button and add the file from the browser. The file should contain the name of one metadata field in plain text on each line. For example:


    All added field names are listed under Custom metadata field names. To remove a field name, click its fa-times.svg Delete icon.


    Custom metadata field names should not begin with =, +, -, or @ because these characters may cause unexpected system behavior.

    Custom metadata field names beginning with + or - are not included in search results. Field names beginning with any of the aforementioned characters are prefaced with an apostrophe ' in exported CSV reports to prevent spreadsheet applications from interpreting these labels as formulas.

  5. Save the list of custom metadata tags by clicking the Create or Update button. Changes will not be saved if you navigate away from the window before saving.