V-Spark Online Help

Configuring Custom Metadata Fields

When you create or edit an existing folder, you can configure custom metadata fields for that folder as shown in the following screenshot of the Update Metadata field names screen:


To add custom metadata fields to a folder:

  1. If you are not already viewing the Folders page, choose Folders from the Settings menu.

  2. To update an existing folder, select the edit icon in the first column of the row that displays the folder you want to edit. To create a new folder, press the + button in the upper right of the table.

  3. From the second page of Create/Edit Folder window, select the checkbox next to Add/remove custom metadata fields and press the Next button to display the Update Metadata field names dialog.

  4. Add a metadata field name by manually entering it into the Enter metadata field name field and pressing the + button or pressing the enter key. You can also upload a text file of field names by pressing the Upload button next to the metadata field and then choosing the field names text file from the file browser. The text file should contain the name of one metadata field on each line. For example:

    client-phone client-name account-number agent-name

    All of the field names you add are listed under Custom metadata field names. You can remove a field name by selecting the x button next to it.

  5. Save the list of custom metadata tags by pressing the Create or Update button. Changes will not be saved if you navigate away from the window before saving.