V-Spark Online Help

Create a Company


Only System administrator accounts have access to modify the Companies section.

Create a company by selecting the blue + on the right side of the Companies section header. The Create New Company dialog displays:


Fill out the fields shown in the Create New Company dialog to set up a new company.

This dialog contains the following fields:

  • Company Name: The name of the company.

  • Short Name: Short name reference of the actual company name since Company Names may be lengthy and include spaces (spaces are not valid in the short name). The company short name cannot be edited after the company has been created.

  • Limit Hours: Limit the number of audio hours that the company can process through V‑Spark . Once that limit has been reached, the company can no longer process new audio, but can still use V‑Spark to examine existing calls.

  • Data retention limit (days): Limits the maximum data retention days for organizations within this company. For more information about data retention limits and their implications, see Data Retention Limits for Companies and Organizations.

At this point, you must choose between two transcription methods: appliance-based or cloud transcription, described in Appliance-based Transcription and Cloud-based Transcription, respectively.

The final setting that must be configured before creating a company is Application Templates:


The drop-down list enables you to select which application templates should be available for that company. Templates are described in Application Management.

Once you are satisfied with the company's information, press the Create button. The company is created, and can be viewed in the Company section of the Account Settings page. Organizations and users can now be associated with the company.