V-Spark Online Help

Create an Application

Create a new application by pressing the blue + button. The Create New Application dialog displays:



Organization: Drop-down menu of companies and organizations to which the Application belongs


Application Name: The application name


Default Score Type: Choose the default score type to be displayed on graphs. Hit/Miss is selected by default. See the V‑Spark Application Development Guide for a detailed explanation of scoring.


Template Options: Offers three options for template generation:

  • Build from scratch - create a custom application

  • Use preset template - use a defined template, if any have been provided with V‑Spark

  • Copy from existing organization - enables users to create a new application based on any existing application


Templates - depending on the template option selected, this is a list of either preset templates or existing applications from other organizations to copy.


Link to Folders - The name(s) of the folder(s) this application will score.