V-Spark Online Help

Create or Modify an Organization


Only System admin users, or users with company Create/Edit permissions, can modify a company's Organizations.

Click Add fa-plus.svg on the Organizations section of the Accounts page to create an organization. The Create New Organization dialog displays:


This dialog contains the following fields:

  • Organization Name — The name of the organization within a company.

  • Company Name — The name of the company of which the organization is a member.

  • Short Name — Short name reference of the actual organization name, since organization names may be long with spaces. An organization's short name defaults to company short name-organization name in the dialog box. However, you may modify the organization portion of the short name before the organization is created.

  • Retain data for # of days — Specifies how long calls will be retained in the system. For more information about data retention limits and their implications, see Data Retention Limits for Companies and Organizations.

  • Time Zone — Each organization is assigned a time zone. This allows users of that organization to have customized dates and times specific to that time zone.


    Choose your organization's time zone carefully! The time zone associated with an organization cannot be modified after that organization is created.

To modify an existing organization, click its Edit fa-box-arrow.svg icon on the Accounts page. The Update Organization dialog appears with the same fields as the Create New Organization dialog; however, the company's Short Name and Time Zone fields are disabled because those values may not be modified.