V-Spark Online Help

Creating, Editing, and Removing System Announcements

The Announcements section of the System Settings page enables you to set and manage system-wide announcements. New announcements are displayed to all users the first time that they log in after an announcement is created. Announcements display in the top margin on the V‑Spark login page.

In order to create an announcement:

  1. Press the + Add announcement button. A textbox displays:

  2. Enter the text of your announcement in the textbox, and press the Save button to save the new announcement.

When a user logs in, announcements that have been created since the last time that the user logged in will be displayed beside an icon that identifies these announcements as being New. Announcements are only identified as being new the first time that a user logs in after the announcement was created. Subsequently, announcements are simply displayed until they are deleted, although announcements can also be dismissed (hidden) by users during their login sessions.

To modify an existing announcement, edit the text for that announcement in its textbox. After you have finished your changes, press the Save button to save them. Updated announcements are not displayed as New when users log in. To cause an existing announcement to be identified as new, delete the old announcement and create a new one with the updated text.

To delete an announcement, select the trash can icon to the right of its Message label. To give you the chance to change your mind about the deletion, an undo icon displays to the right of the message label until you press the Save button. Selecting the undo icon at any time before pressing Save restores the deleted announcement.