V-Spark Online Help

Creating a New Folder for your Audio

If you want to create a new area for storing audio from a specific source or from a specific time period, create a folder in which to store that information.


To create folders, you must be a system administrator or user with create/edit permission for a company or organization.

To create a new folder, navigate to the Folders page and click +. The Create New Folder screen displays with the following options:

  1. Select the company and organization

  2. Enter the folder name

  3. Select the appropriate transcription server or servers from the dropdown

  4. Select number of speakers and type of audio (Mono 1-channel; Stereo 2-channel)

  5. Select this box to automatically redact text

  6. Select this box to automatically redact audio

After providing the information requested, click Next. The Advanced Settings screen displays:

  1. Select applications to use for analysis

  2. Select call model for each channel.

  3. If the audio was recorded with a separate stereo channel for each speaker, select the agent's audio channel.

  4. Check to send JSON, audio, or text to a location as audio is processed

  5. Check to edit custom metadata fields

  6. Check to edit ASR options

  7. Check to reject duplicate files based on name for this folder only

After completing the advanced settings, click Next. If you checked "Configure callback delivery method", the Callback Delivery Method screen displays. These options enable you to configure the callback delivery method and specify which kinds of files will be sent.

  1. Select file type to send automatically via callback. Choose from JSON, MP3, and Text.

  2. Select a callback delivery method from the dropdown

If you checked "Add/remove custom metadata fields" the Custom Metadata screen displays. This option enables you to upload a text file that identifies the names of metadata fields to extract from the transcript of the audio that you will then upload.

  1. Upload the text file containing your custom metadata field names or enter them manually

  2. Verify that all of your field names have appeared

If you checked "Add/remove ASR options" the ASR Options screen displays. These options enables you to view and edit ASR tags.

  1. Add ASR tags

  2. View existing ASR options

  3. Create folder and prepare to upload your audio

Refer to Folder Management for more detailed information on creating folders and the various options contained within.