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Custom Metadata Filters

Custom metadata filters can only be added to an application category if custom metadata field names have been configured for at least one of the folders linked to the given application. Refer to the V‑Spark Management Guide for more information regarding configuring custom metadata field names.

Figure 1. Available Metadata Filter Options
Available Metadata Filter Options

Available custom metadata fields can be found in the Filter drop-down menu, beneath the built-in filters.

To add a custom metadata filter, select a custom metadata field from the Filter drop-down menu. The "Add metadata filter" dialog displays. Enter the value for the custom metadata field by which to filter, and select Add. Custom metadata filters display in the Metadata filters section, similarly to built-in metadata filters, as shown in Parts of the Application Editor.

Figure 2. Custom Metadata Filter Options
Custom Metadata Filter Options

Unlike built-in metadata filters, custom metadata filters may be used to exclude files that match a designated value. To add an exclude custom metadata filter, prefix the entered value with a dash (-) before adding. Exclude filters display as a yellow tag in the Metadata filters section.


Only one filter may be added to a category for each custom metadata type. However, in order to filter by multiple value criteria, custom metadata values may use a special character (|) to represent OR.

For example, for a custom field "direction", a value of "inbound | outbound" could be used to match files that have either of those metadata values.

The special character (|) used to represent OR may also be used with a dash (-) to exclude multiple values. The dash negates the entire field. For example, for a custom field "direction", specifying a value of "- inbound | outbound" excludes any file with a direction field that contains the value "inbound" and excludes any file with a direction field that contains the value "outbound".