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Data Retention Limits for Companies and Organizations

V‑Spark data retention limits specify the maximum number of days that calls will be retained before being automatically removed from the system. This automated data cleanup mechanism prevents unneeded call information from accumulating on the system, consuming storage space.


The data lifetime is measured against call "datetime" metadata, which is not necessarily when the call was loaded into the system. If historical data is to be loaded, ensure that the retention limit is sufficient to retain the historical data as desired.

A company's Data retention limit (days) setting (shown in Create or Modify a Company) restricts the maximum data retention limit for that company's organizations, whereas an organization's Retain data for # days setting (shown in Create or Modify an Organization) sets the actual retention period that is used for scheduled data cleanup.


If a company's data retention limit is decreased, the data retention limits for organizations within that company are not checked to see if they are still valid. However, when an organization is updated, its data retention limit is checked to ensure that it does not exceed the data retention limits for its parent company.

If an organization's data retention limit is decreased to a period that would cause calls to be removed the next time data cleanup is executed, a message like the following displays:


This dialog provides a Click to cleanup now instead of waiting option that enables the user to remove the designated files from the system immediately.

The data retention cleanup schedule for an organization is based on its time zone and is configurable at the system level by system administrators.