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Examples of calling the /transcribe API

The following example shows calling the /transcribe method using the cURL command-line utility. Sample output is also provided, but depends on the host on which the API is running, the organization and folder that you are uploading to, and the authorization token that you are using. The cURL utility is freely available for multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, and macOS.


Escaped newlines (that is, lines in the cURL command or the example output that end with a backslash) are added for readability. They must not be present in cURL commands, and are also not present in the output of those commands.

Example commands are shown in normal monospaced text. Example output from each command is shown in bold, monospaced text.

The following is a cURL example that shows calling the /transcribe API, for an organization with short name Test-Testing, and a folder named Test01:

curl -F token=0123456789abcde0123456789abcde01 \
     -F 'file=@../SAMPLES/CallTEST.zip;type=application/zip' \
     -X POST http://example.company.com/transcribe/Test-Testing/Test01