V-Spark Online Help

Exporting Search Results in CSV Format

Search results can be exported to Comma-Separated Value (CSV) files using the Export to CSV button on the top right hand side of the Files view. Clicking this button displays the Download Export CSV dialog.

Figure 1. Exporting and Downloading Search Results
Exporting and Downloading Search Results

This dialog enables you to specify the following:

  • Select Fields - Enables you to specify the application, standard metadata, or custom metadata fields whose values should be included in the exported CSV file. You can also choose Select all to include the data for all fields in your CSV output.

  • Select file range - Enables you to specify the maximum number of files in your search results within the current folder for which CSV output will be produced. Possible ranges are displayed in increments of 10,000 files. Only ranges that are relevant to your search results are displayed - if your search results only match up to 9,999 files, the only range that you will see is 1 - 10000.

After customizing these values, click Generate export to generate a CSV file that includes the selected fields for the selected range of matching search results. The name of the generated file displays at the bottom of the Download Export CSV dialog. Clicking the name of this file downloads it to your system.

Exporting data in CSV format can be very useful because it enables importing V‑Spark data into other applications and standardizing that data in all analyses performed.