V-Spark Online Help

Files View

The Files View enables you to search for, view, filter, and manage individual audio files. Search filters can constrain results on an ad-hoc basis.



The left sidebar filters search results based on specified attributes. Note that search terms can be either plain text or regular expressions.


The date dropdown filters results by recording date.


The bookmarks section enables you to save search terms.


The search terms section shows the terms that are currently being used to filter the file list.


The bulk tagging toggle shows or hides a toolbar that allows you to select multiple files and then to add or remove tags from the selected files.


The search results section displays metadata columns for each of the files returned by your search.


The export button enables you to save search results in .CSV format. Use the export dialog to filter the files and metadata fields to be included in the exported file.


The show/hide columns button enables you to select metadata columns to show or hide in the search results section.


The delete button enables you to remove individual files from the system. Once you click the x and confirm the removal, V‑Spark queues the file for deletion. A system under heavy load may take several minutes to fully delete the file, but this situation is unlikely.