V-Spark Online Help

Fixes in 3.4.2

This section identifies specific issues that have been resolved in the 3.4.2 release of V‑Spark:

  1. Wildcard search works for custom metadata date fields - Previously, custom metadata in datetime format could not be searched using wildcards, and trying to do so would generate an error.

  2. Time-based adhoc search results for ~e are now correct - If any call data was uploaded for analysis on versions 3.3.0, 3.3.1, and 3.4.1, an additional update script must be run to enable the use of ~e in adhoc searches. Contact for more information.

  3. Complex searches for transcript exclude phrases with other search terms are now supported - Previously, adhoc searches for different types of terms (custom metadata, tags, etc.) with transcript exclude phrases would ignore the exclude phrase.

  4. App reprocessing of folders with a very large number of files was timing out and producing an error. The timeout value for search operations included in App reprocessing is now configurable. If you need to reprocess folders that contain a very large number of files, you can avoid errors by increasing the timeout value.

  5. Clicking the Call duration graphs now updates the file list - In versions 3.3.1 and 3.4.1, no results were displayed when the Daily Charts graphs for Call duration were clicked.

  6. User subscriptions requests to Daily Report emails were sometimes being duplicated by the UI, resulting in multiple copies of some reports being attached to the email. Subscription requests are now checked against existing values before they are added to the description table, which avoids this duplication. Users who are receiving duplicate reports should unsubscribe from all reports, and re-subscribe manually.

  7. Spaces in custom metadata field names are no longer saved as non-breaking spaces - Fixed an issue where spaces in custom metadata field names were being saved as non-breaking spaces which could cause an issue with app processing if custom metadata was used as a category filter.

  8. Text files sent via callbacks for non-English calls now include the transcript content - In 3.4.1, text files sent via callbacks were empty for transcripts that contained non-ASCII characters. JSON files were not affected.

  9. New fields cannot be given reserved names - It was possible to add custom metadata fields that had the same name as reserved built-in fields. The UI and API now restrict the creation of fields so that only non-reserved names can be used.

  10. CSV export supports all available fields - All available fields can now be selected in the V‑Spark user interface for inclusion when exporting data in CSV (Comma-Separated Value) format. UI CSV export now matches /search API export results.