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Fixes in V‑Spark 3.4.3

This section identifies specific issues that have been resolved in the 3.4.3 release of V‑Spark:

  1. Deletion Jobs Now Span System Restarts - If the system is shut down or restarted while a deletion job was executing, the job was not being completed. Incomplete deletion jobs, whether user-initiated or automatic, are now re-queued for execution when the system starts.

  2. Improved Handling of Application Scoring Failures - Previously, uploaded files that failed scoring would be moved to the error directory, even if other analysis succeeded. These files will no longer be moved to the error directory. Scoring failures are now recorded in the activity log and backend logs, showing which file failed scoring, and that none of the Applications that use that file will have scores for that file.

  3. Transcript Processing is Now Atomic - If an Elasticsearch or MySQL failure is encountered during transcript loading, all related updates are rolled back cleanly to preserve data integrity.

  4. System Mode Changes are Now Logged - System Mode changes between "normal", "safe", and "readonly" were not being logged, which made diagnosing trouble more difficult. The system now logs when mode changes occur, and (depending on warning level) sends email to system administrators.

  5. Trending Phrases No Longer Reported - Trending phrases were being included in daily and monthly reports, even if Trending was disabled. This has been corrected.

  6. Appstats Now Returns Categories with Scores of Zero - The /appstats API was not returning any categories if the top category score was zero, even if the depth level was defined to return categories with scores of zero. This defect was corrected, and categories are now returned properly.

  7. The /transcribe API was not processing audio files if they were uploaded from Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). The system was returning an empty reply. This defect has been corrected, and the system now returns a transcript as expected.

  8. Files with Empty Utterances Now Update Properly - Uploaded files that result in an empty Utterances field were ignored during application reprocessing. This issue has been resolved and these files are now updated correctly.

  9. Config Now Returns Correct Template Value - The /config/CO_SHORT/ORG_SHORT/apps/APPNAME API was not returning the correct template value for Applications that were created from templates. It was returning the "template" value of "custom" even for Applications that were created from templates. This issue has been resolved, and the system now returns the correct template value.