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Fixes in V‑Spark 3.5.0

This section identifies specific issues that have been resolved in the 3.5.0 release of V‑Spark:

  1. Companies and Orgs being deleted are restricted - Both the V‑Spark UI and API prevent you from creating new organizations, folders, or users if the company or organization that would own those items is in the process of being deleted.

  2. No usernames that are reserved words - Accounts cannot be created with usernames that are on the list of words that are reserved for use by V‑Spark internals. As of this release, the list of reserved words is: 'company', 'companies', 'org', 'orgs', 'app', 'apps', 'folder', 'folders', 'jobmgr', 'jobmgrs', 'user', 'users', 'all', 'system', and 'readonly'.

  3. Improved clean up of temporary files - Temporary files that are created during searches and downloads were not being deleted promptly and could result in filesystem capacity problems. Temporary files are now deleted properly.