V-Spark Online Help

Folder Management

A V‑Spark folder is an abstract container that defines a set of ASR, application, and metadata configuration settings for processing and transcribing audio and analyzing transcription results.

A folder is associated with and controlled by a single organization, and contains a subset of that organization's audio files and transcription records. Folders might be used, for example, to store audio and transcription records associated with an organization from a specific source or time period.

Click fa-gear.svg Settings > Folders to view and configure folders. The Monitored Folders list displays a sortable table of all folders that updates every minute. The following example shows the Monitored Folders page and lists its functionality:

  1. fa-refresh.svg Refresh the ASR Server fields for all folders.

  2. fa-mag.svg Search all folders. Search terms are queried against the text of data fields shown on the Monitored Folders page.

  3. fa-plus.svg Create a new folder.

  4. fa-pencil-square.svg Edit the folder's configuration settings or fa-box-arrow.svg View the folder's analytics reports and individual audio records on the fa-laptop.svg Dashboard.

  5. Shows ASR processing status. A green circle fa-circle-green.svg indicates that the folder has successfully processed files. A black circle fa-circle.svg indicates that it has been more than one month since the folder last processed files. Hover over the indicator to display the time at which the last file was successfully processed.

  6. Shows the folder's ASR server name and authorization status. Green fa-check-circle.svg indicates an active, authorized connection. Red fa-times-circle.svg indicates that connection or authorization failed.

  7. fa-pause.svg Pause or fa-play.svg Resume file processing for all files in the folder.

  8. fa-file-text.svg Show processing log and ASR status for the folder.

  9. fa-upload.svg Upload audio, metadata, or transcript files to the folder, or fa-download.svg Download a zip archive of audio, metadata, and transcript files in the folder.

  10. fa-times.svg Delete the folder.