V-Spark Online Help

General Error Codes from the V‑Spark APIs

V‑Spark APIs other than the /request and /transcribe APIs return HTTP error messages when called with incorrect, invalid, or missing parameters:

Can not delete multiple items

A request to delete multiple objects was made to the /config API, but the multi=true parameter was not specified

Can not delete non-empty object

A request to delete an object that contains other objects was made to the /config API, but the tree=true parameter was not specified

Error parsing search results

The ElasticSearch server returned results based on your call to the /search API, but those results could not be converted into the output format used by the V‑Spark API for this call

Invalid JSON

Any V‑Spark API that accepts JSON content does a check to determine the validity of any JSON content that is POSTed, and returns this error if the JSON is not valid

Invalid output option

The /search was called with an output option other than count, details, summary or zip

Invalid template option: template-name

A request to upgrade an application was made, but the specified application is based on a template that no longer exists in V‑Spark. You will have to delete and recreate the application.

Search Error

The command syntax used in a /search API call is incorrect, or the ElasticSearch server is not available.