V-Spark Online Help

Known Issues in 3.5.0

  1. Partial configuration updates for a

    organizationfolderapplicationor user

    using the REST API are not currently supported. Attempting to update a subset of one of these types using the REST API currently returns HTTP error code 400. You must supply all fields for the configuration to update any field(s) using the REST API.

  2. Application re-processing of more than 100,000 files in a single operation may time out.

  3. Issues with Dashboard Displays

    • Files uploaded to a folder that is linked to a disabled application or that have not been re-processed will still appear in the Files View on the application dashboard

  4. Issues with Search

    • Time-based search

      • Searches are turn-based and may return results for phrases that are outside of the requested time frame if those phrases are within the same speaker turn

      • Ad-hoc Search snippets in the Files View may display results outside the specified time interval

    • Exceptions to standard File Details highlighting:

      • Searches using (~n) may highlight phrases with the specified number of words in between each of the search terms, rather than between all of the search terms. For example, "get help phone ~4" may highlight phrases with 4 words between "get" and "help" and another 4 words between "help" and "phone". Searches using (~t) and (~n) will only be highlighted if the words matched appear in the order specified in the search tag.

      • Highlighting may be incomplete for matches marked with emotion

      • Highlighting may be incomplete for matches with intervening silence tags greater than 2 seconds

      • Matches for "@*" (such as when searching for email addresses) will only be highlighted until the first "." in the email address. Regular expression searches may be used to circumvent this issue.

      • Excluded application search phrases may be highlighted on the File Details page. Note that these exceptions only affect highlighting, and that all search results using the above characters will still be accurate.

  5. Other

    • Users playing longer audio files via Firefox may encounter playback/syncing issues when jumping to different sections of the transcript. This is an external issue caused by the Firefox browser. Users who encounter this issue can simply wait for the browser to finish buffering the file before resuming their search.

    • App Reprocessing will encounter an error if the reprocessing occurs while an App or Category is being deleted. This error is recorded in the server logs.

    • Searches that contain both wildcards and spaces do not return results.

    • Most punctuation characters are not supported in search strings.

    • The /search API allows searches for application categories that have hyphens and other restricted characters in their names, however these searches fail. Voci application templates that had hyphens and other restricted characters in their names have been modified to remove the restricted characters. All existing application category names should be modified to remove restricted characters.