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Leaf-level Category Scoring

Leaf-level categories are categories at the lowest level of an application. Leaf-level category scores are called Leaf Scores. For leaf-level categories that contain include phrases, the leaf score will be equal to the total number of matched phrases in the transcript minus the number of exclude phrases that matched. Leaf-level categories with no include phrases will be given a leaf score of 1.

Once calculated, Leaf Scores are stored in the V‑Spark database and are converted into binary Match/No Match values each time Coverage scores need to be calculated for upper-level categories:

  • Leaf-level categories that contain no matches (and therefore have Leaf Scores of 0) maintain a Match/No Match value of 0 when the upper-level category scores are calculated.

  • Leaf-level categories that contain at least one match (and therefore have Leaf Scores greater than 0) are given a Match/No Match value of 1 when the upper-level category scores are calculated.


These Match/No Match values are temporary and are only used in score calculations for upper-level categories.