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Leaf Scoring with Exclude Phrases

Exclude phrases in leaf-level categories work differently than exclude phrases in Category Filters sections. Exclude phrases added to Call Filters sections act as filters for entire calls, but exclude phrases in leaf-level categories simply cancel out matches for include phrases.

When searching for application matches in leaf-level categories, V‑Spark searches first for all include phrases, and takes note of which speaker turns contained a match, and how many matches were contained in each of those turns. V‑Spark then searches those saved speaker turns for the exclude phrases and subtracts the number of exclude phrases from the number of include phrases. This result is then entered as the Leaf Score.

Because any exclude phrase can cancel out an include phrase, regardless of whether the words used are related, it is important to use exclude phrases with care. We recommend that you design your exclude phrases to eliminate very specific false positives that might result from a more general include phrase (e.g. “-thank you for calling” vs. “+thank you”).