V-Spark Online Help

Linking and Unlinking Folders and Applications

Linking a folder to an application means that the the folder uses the application to analyze the text transcripts of all of that folder's processed audio. Only folders and applications within the same organization can be linked. A single folder may be linked to multiple applications, and a single application may be linked to multiple folders.

A folder-application link may be configured in either the folder's or the application's settings. Use the Link to Applications dropdown described in Create a Folder, or use the Link to Folders dropdown described in Create an Application.

Once a folder is linked to an application, new files uploaded to that folder will be scored by that application. Existing files may be reprocessed as described in Reprocessing an Application.

When a folder-application link is removed, a Delete job appears in the Application Jobs Queue, and all of the scores for that application and folder pair are scheduled for deletion. See Application Jobs Queue for more information.