V-Spark Online Help

Linking/Unlinking Folders and Applications

Applications and folders can be linked or un-linked in the Create/Edit Folder window or the Create/Edit Applications window to enable or disable application scoring. Only folders and applications within the same Organization can be linked. A folder can be linked to multiple applications and vice versa.

In the Create/Edit Folder window, shown in Create a Folder, there is a drop-down menu under Link to Applications where you can select which applications to link to the folder.

Similarly, in the Create/Edit Applications window, shown in Create an Application, there is a drop-down menu under Link to Folders where you can select which folders to link to the application.

Once a folder is linked to an application, new files uploaded to that folder will be scored by that application. You also will be able to reprocess the application to calculate new scores for that folder. See Reprocessing an Application for more information.

Folders and applications are un-linked by deselecting them from the drop-down menus mentioned above. When un-linked, a Delete data job will then appear in the Application Jobs Queue, and all of the scores for that application and folder pair will be deleted. See Application Jobs Queue for more information.