V-Spark Online Help

Long-Term Vision: Overview Chart

On the Dashboard, choose Overview from the submenu to view a graph of call information over time, and determine patterns in your call data.

V‑Spark provides several ways to examine data that has already processed.

Figure 1. V‑Spark Dashboard Overview
V‑Spark Dashboard Overview


Select the company, organization, and folder to view, then choose Overview from the submenu.


Select the date range for the Overview. This defines the horizontal axis of the graph. Choose one of these options:

  • Last Month Overview - If there is data in the last month, the graph will display that date range by default. The number of calendar days that are considered part of this range will vary based on the length of the current month. The date picker contains a quick link to return to this view after exiting.

  • Calendar month - If there is no data in the last month, by default the graph will display the last calendar month with data. The date picker enables you to select any calendar month. To help you identify months containing data, days with data are displayed with enlarged numbers.


Select options from the drop-down menu to use different graph types to view your data. Select from:

  • Call volume

  • Call duration

  • Agent emotion

  • Client emotion