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Maintenance Fixes Since the Initial 3.4.1 Release

This section identifies fixes that were introduced in patch releases and hot fixes since the original 3.4.1 release, and are therefore now included in the latest version of the 3.4.1 release. Maintenance versions and associated fixes are listed from earliest to most recent:

  1. Files scored during upload had incorrect summaries of average call duration and silence (3.4.1-1) - Previously, the average call duration and silence time in the Agent Summary table were calculated using only the files that had scored. Now these averages are calculated based on all of an agent's calls.

  2. Audio player controls now visible in in the Chrome browser (3.4.1-2) - Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84 changed how the built-in audio player was invoked, causing player controls not to be displayed. This was fixed in V‑Spark and in later versions of Chrome.

  3. Enabled Client metadata fields as valid search parameters in /search API (3.4.1-2) - Searching for Client metadata fields in /search API was not previously supported.

  4. API /search for exclude phrase are now supported (3.4.1-4) - Previously, no results were returned for API searches with exclude phrases.

  5. setupHostname error (3.4.1-4) - Prior to this, configuration files without a hostname specified could cause an error.

  6. Added support for tag search with | or & in a single term (3.4.1-4) - Tag searches that included boolean operators in a single term previously did not return results.

  7. Agent/Client gender and clarity now default to null when speaker does not exist (3.4.1-4) - In data uploaded prior to this change, Agent/Client gender defaulted to female and Agent/Client clarity defaulted to 0.0 when the speaker did not exist, such as in calls with only one speaker.

  8. Improved startup procedures to avoid licensing timing issues.

  9. Updating a company requires the root token (3.4.1-6) - Previous releases in the 3.4 family allowed companies to be updated by API calls that used the company token for authorization. This has been corrected so that the root token is required for company updates, while the company token can be used to update related organizations and associated users.

  10. Custom metadata is displayed regardless of the case specified in folder (3.4.1-7) - Previously, only custom metadata that matched the case specified in the folder were displayed.