V-Spark Online Help

Metadata Restrictions

All metadata uploaded to V‑Spark have the following restrictions:

  • All metadata field names are case-insensitive, including reserved and custom field names. (Therefore, ‘AgentID,’ ‘agentid,’ and ‘AGENTID’ are all treated as the same metadata field.)

  • Custom metadata values and field names may be composed of any valid Unicode characters, except for the reserved non-alphanumeric characters Colon (":", Unicode 003A) and Equals Sign ("=", Unicode 003D).

  • If you plan to upload metadata via XML rather than JSON, your metadata field names cannot contain spaces. Metadata values can contain spaces in both XML and JSON.

  • The following are reserved metadata fields which have unique functions in the V‑Spark system, and cannot be used for custom metadata:

    agentagent_v3caller (apprx)datetime
    agent (apprx)_allcaller_phoneticduration
    agent idallcaller_phonetic_v3file
    agentidall (apprx)caller_v3filenamelowercase
    agent_phonetic_v3callerclient (apprx)