V-Spark Online Help

Metadata Restrictions

All metadata uploaded to V‑Spark have the following restrictions:

  • All metadata field names are case-insensitive, including reserved and custom field names. For example, AgentID, agentid, and AGENTID are equivalent metadata fields.

  • Custom metadata values and field names may be composed of any valid Unicode characters, except for the reserved non-alphanumeric characters : (colon, Unicode 003A) and = (equals sign, Unicode 003D).

  • If you upload metadata via XML rather than JSON, your metadata field names cannot contain spaces. Metadata values can contain spaces in both XML and JSON.

  • The following field names are reserved for V‑Spark functions, and cannot be used for custom metadata:

    • agent

    • agent (apprx)

    • agent id

    • agentid

    • agent_phonetic

    • agent_phonetic_v3

    • agent_v3

    • audio_duration

    • _all

    • all

    • all (apprx)

    • _all_phonetic

    • caller

    • caller (apprx)

    • caller_phonetic

    • caller_phonetic_v3

    • caller_v3

    • client

    • client (apprx)

    • datetime

    • duration

    • file

    • filenamelowercase

    • speakers


    V‑Spark uses the datetime field to represent the audio's recording date and time. Although datetime is in the reserved list, it may be specified in custom metadata to override the default value, which is the ingestion time if not otherwise specified. The datetime field is always assumed to be expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).