V-Spark Online Help

Output Sorting Options

The V‑Spark/search API provides multiple parameters that enable you to specify the way in which search results should be sorted. You can specify these parameters when using any /search API output type with the exception of the count output type.

Possible sorting output options are the following:


Specifies the number of the first search result that should be returned. The offset is used in conjunction with the size option to enable you to page through search results when their number exceeds the size value. For example, if a search matches 500 results and you are using a size value of 100, you would specify &offset=100 to return results 101-200, and &offset=200 to return results 201-300, and so on. The default offset value is 0.


Specifies the number of matching results that will be returned at one time. The default size value is 100. The maximum value for size is 1000.


Specifies how matching search results should be ordered when returned. Regardless of the specified sortFIELD, score is always used as a secondary sort option. The default sort value is datetime. The following VociFIELDs are available sort options:

  • agent_clarity

  • agent_emotion

  • agent_gender

  • client_clarity

  • client_emotion

  • client_gender

  • datetime

  • diarization

  • duration

  • filename

  • last_modified

  • overall_emotion

  • overtalk

  • score

  • silence


Direction in which to sort output entries. DIRECTION should be either asc for ascending order, or desc for descending order, based on data type. The default value is desc.