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Plain Text and Regular Expression Search

Figure 1. Search Term Input
Search Term Input

The search term input field supports both the Plain and Regex (Regular Expression) text search methods. The desired type of search is selected using the green/orange Plain/Regex toggle button at the top right of the search field. Plain search can consist of words or phrases and can use the special characters shown in Plain Text Search, while regex searches only search a single word and support the special characters discussed in Regular Expression Search.


All dashboard searches are case insensitive.

The search function can be used to search for words, phrases, or regular expressions. The search can be applied over all turns in all transcripts, the agent speaker turn or the client speaker turn of transcripts, as well as by File Name, Agent ID, Tag, Transcript ID, Request ID, and any custom metadata fields that have been configured for the folder. This type of filtering is selected using the drop-down menu to the left of the search text box, and is discussed in the next section.