V-Spark Online Help


Before you can begin interacting with V‑Spark by using all functions within the API, you must create an Organization, Company, and Folder using the V‑Spark GUI and API.

A Folder has associated configuration information such as the language model that is used during transcription and also provides the names of metadata fields that are available for filtering. See the V‑Spark Quickstart Guide and V‑Spark Management Guide or the online documentation for more information about using V‑Spark. PDF versions of these documents are available under the Help pull-down immediately after logging into V‑Spark.

This document focuses on providing information about the V‑Spark API. Using the upload and transcribe (/transcribe) and download (/request) APIs requires less configuration than using V‑Spark, because V‑Spark handles the transcription of uploaded audio, and is therefore where most of the transcription options are specified.