V-Spark Online Help

Processing Log

The Processing Log displays the following information:

  • Show entries: Limits the number of entries displayed at one time. The default number is 10, but you can also opt to view 25, 50, or 100 file entries at a time by selecting a value from the dropdown labeled Show entries. Use the paging controls below the table to shift between sets of entries.

  • Date picker: Use the date picker above the table to display only entries with particular Request Start dates. Dates with processing data are highlighted on the calendar to help you choose dates with data to display. Note, request dates correspond to when the files were uploaded to the system, and can contain data from previous days.

  • Transcript ID: This ID number is useful when searching for a specific transcript at a later time. Items that fail analysis will not receive a Transcript ID.

  • File name: The name of the audio file that was uploaded.

  • Request ID: The identifier of the upload that contained the processed file.

  • Size: The size of the uploaded file if it can be determined from the data or metadata in the file.

  • Request Start: The date and time that the upload was completed and that the files contained in that upload were queued for processing.

  • Analyzed: The date and time that conversion, transcription, and analysis were all completed.

  • Status: Once a file is processed, its status can be:

    • OK - the file was processed without errors

    • Analyze_ERROR - file processing failed with the error shown. Items that fail analysis will not receive a Transcript ID.