V-Spark Online Help

Reference for the /sysinfo API

The /sysinfo API enables you to retrieve system status, system configuration, and software version information from the running V‑Spark server. The information is returned in JSON format, and can be saved for archival purposes or transmitted to Voci support for diagnostic use.


GET /sysinfo
GET /sysinfo?full  


The call returns basic system information. Using the "full" option returns extended system information.

When calling this API, you must provide the root authorization token, which proves that you are authorized to perform system administration operations. For information about the authorization tokens that you can provide for use with the V‑Spark API, see V‑Spark API Permission Requirements.

Content Types

  • GET method returns JSON-formatted data with the "text/html" MIME type

  • Errors will be returned with the "text/html" MIME type