V-Spark Online Help

Removing Tags from Multiple Search Results

The process of removing tags from multiple search results in a single operation is similar to the process of adding tags to multiple search results, except that you:

  1. Select Remove tags from the Bulk actions menu. After selecting this menu option, the tags area is pre-populated with the tags that occur on the selected transcripts. Only up to 20 tags can be displayed.

  2. Click the x in any of the available tags to schedule them for deletion. The tag changes from green to red to make it easy to see that it is scheduled for deletion, and the x changes to an undo button, which you can click to remove that tags from the list of those that are planned for deletion.


    You can cancel removing tags at any time before adding them by selecting Cancel on the Bulk tagging toolbar.

  3. Once you have identified all of the tags that you want to remove from the selected transcript, click Remove tags to remove those tags.

Figure 1. Removing tags
Removing tags