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The Submenu of the Dashboard also contains the Reports tab. There are two types of reports generated by V‑Spark: Monthly and Daily. The reports in the list are ordered by date. Daily reports are generated at 12:05 AM (according to the time zone that was chosen for the organization) and summarize the activity of the previous day. Monthly reports are generated at 12:05 AM on the first day of the calendar month, and provide statistics about the previous month.

If the system is not running when a report is scheduled to be generated, that report will not be generated and will not appear in the list. Reports only incorporate data that was present when the report was scheduled to be generated. If you load or re-upload historical data for a day, that day's report will not be re-generated. If that day is in the current calendar month, however, the data will be incorporated into the monthly report when it is generated.

Figure 1. Location of Reports
Location of Reports

Each CSV data file provides the name of each audio file with its corresponding Agent ID, date, time, and duration. These report files, which can be imported into a spreadsheet program for viewing, provide “big picture” summaries of the data.

The CSV file has multiple tables, each with their own headers that describe what each column contains. The following sections detail the indicators measured in each table.