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Sample /config/system/readonly JSON Output for System Status


Because only the /readonly API exists under /config/system, there is no more general /config/system API. Attempting to GET, POST, or DELETE to the /config/system API directly will return HTTP error code 400.

Readonly mode enables administrators to perform maintenance or diagnose performance problems while a V‑Spark installation is still running. While a V‑Spark system is in readonly mode, no new data can be processed and no changes can be made to the V‑Spark installation. V‑Spark can still be used to examine existing data that has already been processed.

The /config/system/readonly API reports on the readonly status of the system, and displays the system-wide message that will be shown in V‑Spark to notify users that the system has been put into readonly mode.

Figure 1. Sample output from the /config/system/readonly API
   "message": "Sample message about readonly mode",
   "status": false

Table 1. /config/system/readonly Fields







When any user logs into this V‑Spark installation while the system is in readonly mode, this message will be displayed.

"message": "Sample message about readonly mode",


If set to "true," the system is in read-only mode. Putting a V‑Spark installation into read-only mode only affects the V‑Spark installation. The rest of the processes on the host where V‑Spark is installed continue to operate normally.

If set to "false," the system is not in read-only mode.

"status": false