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Sample /list/folders JSON Output for a Company

The following is sample output for a single folder in a sample V‑Spark installation, produced as part of a call to the /list/folders API:

"DocTestCo": {
    "DocTestCo-DocTesting": [

In the same way that you can use the /config/CO_SHORT/ORG_SHORT/folders API to retrieve detailed information about the folders that have been defined within an organization, you can use the /list/CO_SHORT/ORG_SHORT/folders API to retrieve the names of such folders, as shown in the following example, which was produced by calling the /list/DocTestCo/DocTestCo-DocTesting/folders URL, and lists the folders that have been defined for the DocTestCo-DocTesting organization within a sample company known as DocTestCo:



In this case, only one folder has been defined within the DocTestCo-DocTesting organization. If multiple folders had been defined within that organization, all of their names would be displayed by the output of this command.


This example was produced by passing /list/DocTestCo/DocTestCo-Doc-Testing as the API-TO-CALL parameter to the sample code shown in Using GET with Python and the /config API. Although that example was used to show calling portions of the /config API, it can just as easily be used to call portions of the /list API.