V-Spark Online Help

Sample JSON Output for a query from the /search API

The following is an excerpt from the output of a call to the /search API, showing a file that matches the query that was submitted, and which shows the default fields that are returned in a response:

        "filename": "file1json.wav",
        "agentid": "105",
        "datetime": "2017-07-18 17:07:12",
        "duration": "0:05:25",
        "score": "1.0000",
        "tid": 5,
        "requestid": "11723359-d790-4a88-aff8-7925296e7df2",
        "agent_gender": "Female",
        "client_gender": "Male",
        "overall_emotion": "Improving",
        "client_emotion": "Negative",
        "agent_emotion": "Positive",
        "overtalk": "0.0000",
        "silence": "0.4269",
        "agent_clarity": "0.0000",
        "client_clarity": "0.8298",
        "diarization": "2.0000",
        "preview": {}