V-Spark Online Help

Setting User Permissions

V‑Spark provides a very flexible company- and organization-oriented model for assigning user permissions and associated user capabilities.

The Permissions section of the User Settings screen contains a row for each company or organization that has been defined in your V‑Spark installation, as in the following screenshot:


The name of the company or organization is listed at the left, and the two columns of checkboxes at right enable you to define:

  • View - a user's ability to view dashboards for that company or organization

  • Create/Edit - a user's ability to create new data under that company or organization, and to modify existing data for that company or organization

The Permissions section of the screen enables you to modify a user account to one of these three permissions levels.

  • System admin - gives a user Create/Edit permissions to all configurable settings. This level enables the user to create, delete, and modify V‑Spark users, companies, and organizations, as well as modify system-wide settings, which are explained in System Management. Giving a user Create/Edit System admin permissions automatically selects both View and Create/Edit permissions for all companies and organizations that are available in the V‑Spark installation.

    Note that there is no View permission in the System admin section. That is because the View permission is inherently available at the system level when a user already has the privilege to Create/edit any part of the V‑Spark configuration data.

  • company-level permissions - gives a user permissions within the specified company. Create/Edit permission enables the user to manage other users in that company, and to create and modify organizations. View permissions for a company enables the user to view dashboards and transcripts for any existing or newly created organization within the specified company.

  • organization-level permissions - gives a user permissions within the specified organization. Create/edit permission enables a user to create and modify folders and applications that are associated with that organization. View permission enables a user to view dashboards and transcripts for that organization.

V‑Spark 's flexibility in company-level and organization-level permission settings makes it possible for you to provide opportunities for users to see (and optionally edit) organizations and associated folders outside their home company. Specific users can be empowered to serve as administrators across multiple organizations in a company, while securing the overall system against tampering.