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Short-Term Analysis: Daily Chart

V‑Spark’s Daily Chart focuses on showing the scores for each lower-level category of a selected category. (Categories are selected by clicking a bar in the Overview Graph.)

The graph is clickable, and each category can be analyzed on a per-call level. The file list below adjusts to display calls that fall within the current category. If the View is currently set to "Files", selecting a leaf-level category in the Daily Chart navigates down to the file list. Phrases that represent that category will be highlighted in the search results. The number of calls scored for each lower-level category can be seen by hovering over the corresponding portion of the graph.

As you navigate down through lower-level categories, the percentages displayed are calculated from the number of calls that passed through the immediate upper-level category and not the total number of calls uploaded for that day.

Figure 1. Application Category Daily Chart
Application Category Daily Chart