V-Spark Online Help

Subscribing to Email Reports

V‑Spark allows subscriptions to Email reports. CSV files can be received as attachments to email so that reports can be reviewed regularly. This automation removes the need to log into V‑Spark to download individual reports.

There is a drop-down menu at the top of all V‑Spark pages that displays your user name. Choose Profile from that menu to display the User settings page, then scroll down to the Email reports section.

Figure 1. Email reports section of the User settings page
Email reports section of the User settings page

The Monthly and Daily drop-down menus contain a list of all of the folders to which your account has access. If your account has access to multiple companies and organizations, the list of folders is separated into groups by organization short name. Each group also has an All choice that enables you to receive a single report for all of that organization's folders. Check the folders for which you would like to receive monthly (or daily) reports. As you choose folders, their names (or "All") are displayed on the button for the drop-down menu. If you select four or more items, the number of reports is displayed instead. Uncheck a folder to stop receiving monthly (or daily) reports for that folder.

Press the Save changes button to save your choices to your V‑Spark account. You will receive the selected reports as email attachments the next time those reports are generated.