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As shown in the synopsis, calls to the V‑Spark /config API can include optional entries that enable you to specify the following attributes:


the short name of a company


the short name of an organization within a company


the name of a specific folder


the name of a specific user


the name of a specific application

Specifying these attributes enables you to refine and limit the amount of information that you are retrieving, updating, or adding. See Refining by Companies, Organizations, Folders, and Apps for more information.

Calls to the V‑Spark API without specific company, organization, folder, user, or application values return all information for the API that you are calling. In other words, a call to /config/DocTestCo only returns information about a company whose short name is "DocTestCo." A call to /config returns information about all of the companies that have been defined in the V‑Spark installation that you are querying.