V-Spark Online Help

System Status, Settings, and Activity

V‑Spark system administrators may monitor system status, manage system-wide settings, and view user activity and system events by using two options in the fa-gear.svg Settings menu: System and Activity Log. These options are available only to system administrator accounts.

Status Monitoring


The System Status page was implemented in V‑Spark version 4.0.1-7 and is in active development. Additional metrics will become available in subsequent releases.

Click fa-gear.svg Settings > System to view the System Status page.

Table 1. System Status Page Fields



Version Availability

Overall Metrics

Displays the following information about the host system:

  • CPU metrics and system load averages

  • date and time

  • Elasticsearch node status

  • timestamps for the newest and oldest Elasticsearch records

  • memory usage

  • Redis metrics

  • SQL metrics

  • disk storage

  • total number of calls stored

  • total system uptime

  • front- and back-end service uptimes


Performance Metrics



Displays the names of active and queued folders that contain audio and zip files for processing. The number of files in each folder is listed after the folder's name. For example, a folder named Test with 3 files in it displays as Test[3].


The value in brackets is measured by requestID. A single audio file and a single zip file will both display as [1], even if the zip archive contains multiple audio files.


Transcript Analysis

Displays the number of active and queued transcript analysis requests.



Displays the number of active and queued callback requests.


Total Jobs

Displays the number of jobs the system is currently processing or has queued.


Time to Analysis Completion

Displays the minimum, average, and maximum audio processing turnaround times over the following time increments:

  • the last 15 minutes

  • the last hour

  • the last 4 hours

  • the last day

  • the last week


Analysis completion time values do not include callback processing time.


Folder Activity

Displays subsections which list up to the 10 most active folders by the metric shown and date range selected.

The time range for all metrics shown may be specified using the date range selector. Available increments include the following:

  • the last hour

  • the last 3 hours

  • the last 12 hours

  • the last day

  • the last 3 days

  • the last week

  • the last month

Folder activity is measured in terms of ingestion volume, throughput, and analysis completion.


Ingestion Volume

Displays the total number of audio and metadata files added to Elasticsearch and assigned a transcriptID in each listed folder. Files deleted after ingestion are not represented in this count.



Displays the total audio time, measured in seconds, of all files in each listed folder.


Analysis Completion

Displays the total number of files analyzed as counted by transcriptID in each listed folder.