V-Spark Online Help

Tagging Multiple Search Results

V‑Spark makes it easy to identify specific transcripts or the results of previous searches by enabling you to apply a tag (a logical label) to them and then subsequently search for transcripts that are associated with that tag. Tagging multiple items in a single operation is generally referred to as bulk tagging.

Tagging selected results is done from the Dashboard, using the Bulk tagging button and the Bulk tagging toolbar that displays under the Bulk tagging button once it has been selected.

Figure 1. Bulk Tagging Button and Toolbar
Bulk Tagging Button and Toolbar

The callouts in image above highlight the following:


The Bulk tagging button. Select this button to toggle display of the Bulk tagging toolbar.


The Bulk tagging toolbar. Enables you to select multiple files at one time, and to add and remove tags.

To tag results:

  1. Use V‑Spark's search capabilities to locate the transcripts that you want to tag

  2. Click the Bulk tagging button to open the Bulk tagging toolbar

  3. Click No files selected. A drop-down menu displays. To select files, click one of the following:

    • All (up to 1000) - select all of the matching results (if there are 1000 or less matching results)


      If more than 1000 matching result are available and you want to tag all of them, you will need to tag the first 1000, then select results that match but do not have that tag, tag the next 1000, and so on.

    • All in view - select the matching results that are shown on the current page

    You can also select individual files manually by clicking the checkbox beside their names.

    After selecting one of these menu commands or selecting files manually, the matching transcripts are highlighted.

    You can also use other commands on this menu to deselect all selected items, or only deselect those that are shown on the current page.

  4. After selecting the transcripts that you want to tag, the Bulk actions menu displays. Click that menu header to display the Add tags and Remove tags menu items. Select Add tags. A textbox displays.

    Figure 2. Add Tags Textbox When Adding Tags
    Add Tags Textbox When Adding Tags

  5. Type the tag(s) that you want to apply to the selected transcripts. Tag names cannot begin with a hyphen (dash). As you type, a drop-down menu displays existing tags that match what you have typed. Select a tag from the menu to complete the tag name, or finish typing the tag name. You can add multiple tags at the same time by pressing the enter key after each tag that you want to add. You can only add up to 20 tags at one time.


    You can cancel adding tags at any time before adding them by selecting Cancel from the Bulk tagging toolbar.

  6. When you are finished entering the tag(s) that you want to apply, click Add tags. The tags that you have added to the selected transcripts display at the bottom of each selected transcript.

Once you have tagged transcripts, you can easily locate them again by selecting Tag from the Term drop-down in the search term input area, entering the name of the tag that you want to search for in the text input area, and pressing enter or the add (+) button. The search term input is discussed in Plain Text and Regular Expression Search.


There can be a slight delay between the time that you initiate a bulk tagging operation and the point at which tagged versions of all matching results are displayed. You can click the Refresh Search button at any time to force the display to be updated.

You can also double-click any displayed tag to automatically add that tag as a search term and filter the file list.