V-Spark Online Help

Tags Tab

V‑Spark enables you to identify specific transcripts or the results of previous searches by adding a logical label called a tag to the transcript's file details. You can then search for transcripts that are associated with that tag. Tags are displayed on the Dashboard beneath the File Name.

Apply tags to multiple files in bulk using the Bulk tag toolbar on the Dashboard (see Tagging Multiple Search Results). Modify the tags associated with an individual file using the Tags tab on the File Details page.

Figure 1. Tags

Add a tag to the file by typing the name of the tag into the Add Tag field. As you type, tags that contain letters that you have previously typed and are already applied in other files will be displayed in a menu below the field. Choose one of these tags to complete the tag, or finish typing to complete a new tag, then press Enter to add the tag. V‑Spark will display "Tag added successfully!" beneath the Add Tag field, and the tag will be visible in the list of tags.

You may add a maximum of 100 tags to any file. Tag names may not contain punctuation or other special characters, but may contain any combination of numbers and letters.

Remove a tag from the file by selecting the x button on the tag you want to remove. The tag will be removed in the list of tags, and V‑Spark will display "Tag removed successfully!" beneath the Add Tag field.