V-Spark Online Help

The Audio Evaluator

Voci recommends analyzing sample audio with the audio evaluator before submitting audio files to V‑Spark or configuring folders for that audio. This ensures that V‑Spark can use the audio for transcription and analysis, and that folder settings match audio properties.

The audio evaluator shows audio properties for the uploaded file, including the number of channels, and whether the audio is supported by V‑Spark. Files submitted for evaluation are not saved.

Use the following procedure to check audio with the audio evaluator:

  1. Click Will my audio work? on the V‑Spark homepage or in the General section of the fa-file-text.svg Help page.

  2. Click Choose File and select the file to be analyzed.

  3. Click Evaluate. The file uploads and evaluation results display. The following example shows the results for a compatible file:



The values displayed for Supported and Channels must match the configuration of the V‑Spark folder that will process the audio the evaluated sample represents. If your audio is not supported, contact the Voci support team.