V-Spark Online Help

The Audio Evaluator

The Audio Evaluator tool is located under the heading Will my audio work? at the V‑Spark homepage as well as on the Help page:


The following image shows the output of the Audio Evaluator for an audio file whose format is supported by V‑Spark:


The Audio Evaluator provides information about the file including whether the audio format is supported natively by V‑Spark and whether the audio is a mono (one-channel) or stereo (two-channel) file. Files submitted for evaluation are not saved.

The two rows labeled "Supported" and "Channels" are the most important. You will need to know the number of Channels in your audio when creating a folder for transcription. A green “Yes” for Supported means the file format is supported by V‑Spark. If the result comes back as “No,” contact your Voci Sales Representative.