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The client_data Object

The client_data section appears if a file of custom metadata is submitted with an audio file for transcription. The client_data section contains one or more instances of name/value pairs that correspond to the additional metadata that was provided.


This data is only available using V‑Spark.

The following example shows an example of the type of information contained in the client_data portion of a JSON file:

Figure 1. client_data Object
client_data Object

The following is an example of the client_data section of a JSON transcript:

      "client_data": {
        "client-phone": "123-456-7890",
        "datetime": "2020-01-10 11:39:31",
        "agentname": "Reid Smith",
        "agentid": "105"

Customer metadata can be provided in either JSON or XML format. The sample client_data section that was just shown was produced in response to uploading the following customer metadata in a JSON file along with the audio file that was being transcribed:

        "metadata": {
          "datetime": "2020-01-10 11:39:31",
          "agentid": "105",
          "agentname": "Reid Smith",
          "client-phone": "123-456-7890"

The XML equivalent of that customer metadata file would be the following:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
        <datetime>2020-01-10 11:39:31</datetime>
        <agentname>Reid Smith</agentname>


Prior to V‑Spark version 3.2, the client data field contained a metadata section that provided the same sort of information. This information described the custom metadata that was provided with the audio file when it was submitted for transcription.