V-Spark Online Help

Upload and Download Category Phrases and Filters

The Application Editor provides the option to upload and download a list of speaker phrases and metadata filters to or from a selected category. Phrase and filter lists that are downloaded from one category may be uploaded to another category, or even to another application.

Figure 1. Upload and Download a list of phrases and filters to a category
Upload and Download a list of phrases and filters to a category

  1. Select to upload a phrase and filter list to the current category

  2. Select to download the current category's phrase and filter list

An upload list must be a plain .txt file. An example of a properly formatted text file is shown at the end of this section. The file is separated into labelled sections, according to phrase or filter type. Phrases in the CLIENT and AGENT sections are Client and Agent phrases, respectively.

Phrases in the SPEAKERS section are phrases for both Client and Agent. Phrases in the METADATA section are filters using custom metadata. Phrases in other sections are values for the built-in metadata filter that is identified by the section's label.

See Available Metadata Filters for more information about available metadata filters and Speaker Include and Exclude Phrases for more information about speaker phrases. Blank lines between sections are not required, but are included here for clarity.

Figure 2. Category Phrase and Filter Text File

SPEAKERS: cancel having problem ~n CLIENT: hello my account expensive AGENT: your account downgrade -purchase METADATA: color = blue AGENT VOICE CLARITY: 18.2% - 69.3% CLIENT GENDER: female CALL DURATION: 0:00:00 - 0:17:23